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criticalhabitations is looking for authors with an interest in the ‘here and now of cultural studies’ to contribute to our blog. Currently, you can contribute in two different ways:

Write an individual blog post. Contributions may add to on-going debates featured on the blog. If you’re interested in doing so, please follow our our simple stylesheet and send a contribution of no longer than 2,500 words to Please remember that we’re not looking for conference papers or journal articles but for shorter reflections, provocations and conceptual pieces aimed at an audience that goes beyond academia. Contributions will be read closely by all four editors and may be returned to authors for revisions.

Start a new debate. If you want to debate a topic that’s on your mind, have a look at what we’ve done so far on the blog and contact us with a short abstract. Please make sure that you know of at least two authors who will want to contribute to your debate, or ideally, are already in contact with them. We’ll take it from there.


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