debate 1: habit and habitation

  1. Simon Strick opens the debate by asking how the concept of habitation challenges the way we live: “Emancipatory politics are about a room of one’s own, they are about (re)claiming, creating, or building a habitation. They are also about tearing those constructions down that exchange livability for necropolitics or slow death. They are about detecting and politicizing the ways in which culture affects and prevents living.” Read more: Simon Strick: How do you live? From construction to habitation
  2. Carolyn Pedwell continues the conversation in her query: “How might we understand the links among affect, habit, temporality and social transformation – and what might such a critical investigation imply for the ‘here and now’ of cultural and social theory and praxis? Read more: Carolyn Pedwell: (In)habiting the PresentIn his contribution “Inhabiting Photography – Between Medium and Mediality”
  3. Finally, Saadi Nikro considers the life of photographs as embodied circulations and social economies of affect. Read more: Saadi Nikro: Inhabiting Photography – Between Medium and Mediality
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