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Experimental Humanities

Critical habitations is excited to announce its upcoming collaboration wit the ICI Berlin. Save the date and join us! 14 Nov 2019 , 18.00h Experimental Humanities Discussion & Lecture In English With Nishant Shah...

debate 3: pluralizing practices

criticalhabitations opens the third debate on: pluralising practices. Introduced by the editors of critical habitations, the debate features contributions by Anna Artaker, who describes her artistic practice which transforms Walter Benjamin’s concept of the...

debate 2 on the posthuman present

criticalhabitations opens the second debate on: the posthuman present. Introduced by Alexander Dunst, the debate features contributions by James Burton who returns to the writing of Philip K. Dick to question our understanding of...

Working Papers

criticalhabitations features longer work by authors associated with the blog for you to read and comment. Dunst, Alexander, Elahe Haschemi Yekani, and Anja Schwarz. “The Here and Now of Cultural Studies.” Journal for the...

Debate Part III

In his contribution “Inhabiting Photography – Between Medium and Mediality” to the debate section Saadi Nikro considers the life of photographs as embodied circulations and social economies of affect.

Debate Part II

Carolyn Pedwell is our second contributor to the new debate section on critical habitations with her post on (In)habiting the Present.

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